Clinical asset management refined.

Nuvolo Enterprise Asset Management for Clinical enables better patient care, higher service productivity, improved compliance and lower costs.

Clinical asset management refined.

Nuvolo Enterprise Asset Management for Clinical enables better patient care, higher service productivity, improved compliance and lower costs.

Enterprise Asset Management for Clinical

For better safety and patient care, maintaining clinical equipment consistent with manufacturer specification is essential. We provide a modern, cloud-based alternative to your legacy CMMS solution.

Platform Features
  • Mobility
  • Digital Procedure Checklists
  • Active Knowledge
  • Integration
Reporting & Analytics
  • Compliance & Safety
  • Single System of Record
  • 360-Degree View
  • Work Order Management
Cloud-Based Platform
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Flexibility
User Experience
  • Mobile
  • Dashboards
  • Role-Based Access
  • Self-Service Portal

Feature-Rich Capabilities

It’s time to modernize your CMMS. Our solution was co-developed by leading healthcare providers to help you deliver better patient care.


Still printing work orders while tethered to your computer? Scan a bar code, check parts or read a manual standing next to the equipment. No coverage, no problem. Universal mobile capability, on or offline, comes standard.

Digital Procedure Checklists

For safety and compliance, engineers need to follow manufacturer-specified procedures. We provide these checklists in digital form to ensure that tribal knowledge and paper forms are no longer standard operating procedure.

Active Knowledge

Our platform distinguishes between makes and models to auto-populate work orders with the correct knowledge. Active Knowledge provides the right information every time for better service, lower costs and improved patient outcomes.

Integration & Extensibility

Our platform integrates with other systems important to clinical engineering, including EHR, parts databases, product and safety recalls, RTLS, ERP and call center solutions.

  • Alternative Equipment Maintenance
  • Industry-Standard or Custom Risk Inclusion Frameworks
  • ECRI & RASMAS Integration
  • FDA UDI Support & Mapping
  • Joint Commission Audit Reporting & Analytics
  • Parallel FDA & ECRI Classification Capability
  • Patient Incident Management
  • Product Recall & Safety Alert Management
  • RTLS Integration
  • Dispatch Management
  • Intelligent Work Order Routing
  • Interactive Floor Mapper
  • Inventory Management
  • Parts Inventory & Transfer Management
  • Repair History & Cost Tracking
  • Supplier Management

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Use access to real-time data, trend reporting and analytics to provide insight into the performance, safety, reliability and cost of your medical equipment and suppliers.

Compliance & Safety

As a single source for clinical assets and work order data, we generate the proof you need to meet joint commission requirements and achieve the highest compliance and safety standards.

Single System of Record

Our platform provides operational data, trend reporting, performance data and dashboards for clinical assets throughout their entire life cycle. The result is better asset management, less non-essential spend and improved patient outcomes.

Work Order Management Data

Everyday work order management is the richest data capture opportunity. We make it easy to configure fields and leverage automation to create simplified data capture. The result is better data and financial decision support.

Data Quality & Transparency

We make it easy to get the right data into the platform and even easier to visualize and report on it. Our real-time reporting and analytics engine provides a 360-degree view of the operation.

Modern, Cloud-Based Platform

We are built on the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform, with simple, click-to-configure capability. Forms, fields, workflow, dashboards and reporting are created or changed in minutes.

Availability - The platform must be always available. We are built on the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform to deliver unprecedented availability and reliability.

Performance - CMMS performance is limited by the network. Our cloud platform delivers high performance from any connected device.

Security - We understand the importance of protecting data and restricting access. Our security is used today for thousands of enterprise customers.

Flexibility - Modifying your CMMS is difficult and expensive. We make custom development a thing of the past with our universal click-to-configure capability.

Personalized User Experience

Our customers require a simple solution. Complete a request in a few clicks and manage work orders on any mobile device at the point of service.


Update work orders at the point of service or check out work orders, go offline and auto-sync update upon logging back in.

Role-Based Access

You control who has access to what in the platform. Individuals, teams and suppliers can have different degrees of access all the way down to the field level.


In just a few minutes you can create individual or management dashboards showing productivity, compliance, queues, priorities and other key metrics in a visual format.

Self-Service Portal

With our portal, your staff can process service requests in just a few clicks from any device, anywhere in the hospital. The result is less frustration, faster resolution and better outcomes.

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