Medical Device Cyber Security Simplified

Nuvolo Medical Device Cyber Security Platform utilizes process improvement, supply chain optimization and modern EAM technology to reduce cyber security risk.

Protect Your Network Connected Medical Devices

Nuvolo Cyber Security Platform utilizes process improvement, supply chain optimization and modern EAM technology to reduce cyber security risk.

Cyber Security Platform – Network Connected Medical Devices

Improve ROI for security operations technology, reduce cyber security threats and enhance remediation time for published vulnerabilities or events.

Platform Features
  • NVD & CWE matching
  • Single system of record
  • Notifications and alerting
  • SECOPS integration
  • Single ingress point
  • Cyber-compliant data
Reporting & Analytics
  • Full lifecycle reporting
  • Affected device inventory
  • Device location and owner
  • Corrective work orders
  • Decision support data
  • Usable data for SECOPS
  • Auditable time and date stamps
  • Post-event analysis
Cloud-Based Platform
  • Built for cyber
  • Integration-friendly
  • Secure and scalable
  • Click-to-configure architecture
User Experience
  • Trusted data
  • Location information
  • Severity prioritization
  • SECOPS integration
  • Procedure checklists

Platform Features

The foundation for cyber security risk mitigation for the health system is use of a modern, cloud-based EAM platform.

NVD & CWE matching

Automatic processing and matching of affected devices in the event of a NIST National Vulnerability Database (NVD) feed or notification from the related MITRE Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) categorization system.

Single cyber system of record

Mitigating cyber security risk is contingent on all network connected medical devices residing in a trusted, single system of record for standardized naming, master data and location information.

Notification and alert engine

Single system of action in the event of a published vulnerability or cyber security event. All clinical engineering, IT, security and OEM notifications auto-delivered to expedite remediation and improve patient safety.

SECOPS integration

Extend and improve existing security operations technology with integration to a modern EAM platform for control, data enrichment and system of action.

Single ingress point

Creation of a single ingress point for new, replacement and loaner equipment, mitigates exposure for these high risk medical device categories. Capability is coupled with standardized cyber-compliant device on-boarding.

Cyber-compliant data

New master data files allow for NVD and CWE matching in the event of a published vulnerability or cyber security event. Use of mandatory fields drives compliance and ensures data quality.

  • Single system of record
  • NVD and CWE integration
  • System of action
  • Affected device reporting
  • Cyber master data files
  • Standardized naming
  • Uniform location IDs
  • RTLS integration
  • Intelligent work order routing
  • Device type prioritization
  • SECOPS integration

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Use access to audit-quality data, reporting and analytics to provide insight into cyber security response, remediation and risk mitigation.

Full lifecycle event reporting

All activities, notifications, alerts and remediation activities are time stamped, date stamped and reportable.

Affected device inventory

Immediately identify affected devices in single system of record.

Device location and owner

Based on master data file, physical inventory, last known location field and RTLS integration, understand device owner and location immediately.

Corrective work orders

Following healthcare system recommended procedures, auto-initiate corrective maintenance work orders for affected devices.

Decision support data

Use time and date stamped records for all cyber security activities to review, learn and improve.

Usable SECOPS data

Enrich medical device data for SECOPS for improved visibility, device identification, response, remediation, analysis and reporting.

Modern, Cloud-Based Platform

Built on the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform delivering proven maturity, scale, security, performance and redundancy.

Built for cyber - Utilize a platform architected from the ground-up to address cyber security threats for a modern healthcare system.

Integration-friendly - Seamless integration with supply chain and security operations creates a holistic solution for network connected medical device cyber security.

Secure and scalable - Underlying platform is built on a global, cloud-based infrastructure utilized by thousands of customers globally.

Click-to-configure - Utilize a modern platform easily configurable to meet the ever-changing cyber security demands of the health system.

Personalized User Experience

Customers demand a practical and economic solution that reduces risk and facilitates a partnership between the clinical engineering and security teams.

Trusted Data

For published vulnerabilities or cyber security events, clinical engineering and security teams use trusted data to identify affected devices and drive remediation.

Location information

Last known location field, physical inventory and RTLS integration improve location data and allow clinical engineering to get to affected devices faster.

Severity prioritization

Not all medical devices are created equal. Users can immediately understand device classification and prioritization.

SECOPS collaboration

The platform enables collaboration between clinical engineering and security operations.

Procedure checklists

For published vulnerabilities or events, pre-agreed upon, digital procedure checklists guide clinical engineering in standardized remediation activity.

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