Facilities asset management perfected.

Modernizing how our customers track, manage and maintain their built
environment is job one at Nuvolo. We enable a safer and more
compliant workplace, improved productivity, cost control and
unprecedented visibility into your facilities assets.

Facilities asset
management perfected.

Modernizing how our customers track, manage and maintain their built
environment is job one at Nuvolo. We enable a safer and more
compliant workplace, improved productivity, cost control and
unprecedented visibility into your facilities assets.

Enterprise Asset Management for Facilities

Our modern EAM platform manages the full life cycle, maintenance, safety and operation of your
facilities assets.

Platform Features
  • Digital Procedure Checklists
  • Active Knowledge
  • Floor Mapping & Space Planning
  • Geolocation
Reporting & Analytics
  • Compliance & Safety
  • Single System of Record
  • Work Order Management
  • Supplier Management
Cloud-Based Platform
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Flexibility
User Experience
  • Mobile
  • Dashboards
  • Role-Based Access
  • Self-Service Portal

Feature-Rich Capabilities

It’s time to upgrade your old CMMS. We provide a better, smarter and more modern, cloud-based
alternative, and we make it simple to get you up and running.

Digital Procedure Checklists

For safety and compliance management, engineers need to
follow OEM-specified maintenance procedures. We provide
these checklists in digital form within our application.

Floor Mapper & Space Planning

Transform facilities maps into interactive digital spaces in our
platform and simply click to create a work order at a precise
location. Service requests are easy and efficient, and your
space data is all in one place.

Active Knowledge

We believe that knowledge should be automatically included
in the work order when you open it. It’s just better that way.
Our Active Knowledge capability provides the right
information every time.


Our platform knows the geolocation of your engineers and
displays other work orders in the general vicinity. We
eliminate costly travel, speed up work order resolution time
and make dispatch management easier.

  • Capital Planning & Forecasting
  • Key & Security Management
  • Lease Management
  • Operational Risk & Event Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Space Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Dispatch Management
  • Purchase Request Management
  • Asset Utilization Management
  • Automated Maintenance Scheduling
  • Intelligent Work Order Routing
  • Interactive Floor Mapper
  • Inventory Management
  • Hazard Management
  • Supplier Management

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

You have only one place to go for inventory, history, cost, compliance, reliability and safety data. We improve day-to-day
facilities operations with easy-to-use reporting and interactive dashboards.

Compliance & Safety

Properly managing safety and compliance
is mandatory. Our flexible reporting,
interactive dashboards and analytics
provide the proof you need, when you need it.

Single System of Record

Disparate data and legacy platforms mean
unnecessary spending and limited
transparency. We support the facilities
asset life cycle in a single system, resulting
in better operational visibility, data and

Work Order Management Data

Work order execution provides an
important data gathering opportunity. We
make available the fields, forms,
automation and interface to facilitate
better data capture. The result is more
usable information and better operational
and financial decision support.

Supplier Performance Tracking

Third-party suppliers process work orders
in their own systems. We provide them
access to your platform using secure,
role-based access control. The outcome is
a 360-degree view and improved

Modern, Cloud-Based Platform

We are built on the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform, used by thousands of enterprise
customers globally. Nuvolo is powerful, easy to use and always available.

Availability - Is your legacy EAM or CMMS unavailable on mobile
or running slow on the network? With Nuvolo, your data is in the
cloud and available anytime and anywhere from any device.

Performance - As demands on facilities grow, legacy EAM and
CMMS tools won’t meet your performance requirements.
Exceptional performance is a minimum standard at Nuvolo.

Security - We understand the importance of protecting data and
authorized access to the platform. With Nuvolo, best-in-class
security comes standard.

Flexibility - Your facilities solution is difficult and costly to
change. We make custom development a thing of the past.
Universal click-to-configure capability means that changes are

Personalized User Experience

A new platform means better work order management. We keep it simple. Nuvolo delivers a
personal service management experience unimpeded by your legacy EAM or CMMS.


You can access our platform from anywhere on any
device. No coverage? No problem. Check out work orders
and sync once back online. You can scan bar codes,
upload an image and use speech to text to minimize
manual entry.

Role-Based Access

You control who can see what in the platform. Engineers,
suppliers and service providers have varying access all
the way down to the field level. These decisions are
enabled or changed by an authorized administrator in
just a few minutes.


Our dashboards provide at-a-glance insight into
productivity, safety, compliance, queues, priorities and
other management metrics for individuals and teams.

Self-Service Portal

With our portal, your employees can process service
requests in just a few clicks from any device, anywhere in
the workplace. The result is a safer built environment,
faster issue resolution and better outcomes.

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