Laboratory service management transformed.

Nuvolo is transforming service management by improving scientific
outcomes and delivering better compliance with full life cycle
management of mission-critical laboratory assets.

Laboratory service
management transformed.

Nuvolo is transforming service management by improving scientific
outcomes and delivering better compliance with full life cycle
management of mission-critical laboratory assets.

Enterprise Asset Management for Laboratory

Scientific outcomes are directly affected by your laboratory systems. You need the right assets, properly
maintained and qualified for your scientists and research staff.

Platform Features
  • Mobility
  • Customer Excellence
  • Process Standardization
  • Contract & Supplier Management
Reporting & Analytics
  • Asset Census & Density
  • Work Order Data Capture
  • Audit & Compliance Records
  • Decision Support
Cloud-Based Platform
  • Purpose-Built for Laboratory
  • Click-to-Configure Architecture
  • Integration-Friendly
  • Secure
User Experience
  • Dashboards
  • Self-Service Portal
  • 360-Degree View
  • Role-Based Access

Feature-Rich Capabilities

Our application is purpose-built to meet the demanding service management and regulatory
requirements of the modern laboratory environment.


Access work orders from any device, anywhere at any time.
No coverage, no problem. Check out work orders, go offline
and auto-sync upon logging back in.

Process Standardization

Convert unstructured data into detailed instructions. Our
digital checklists provide step-by-step procedures for
preventative and corrective maintenance in the platform.

Customer Excellence

Having the right resources is a good start, but the technology
you use matters. Dynamic technician routing, auto-escalation
and survey tools for customer feedback ensure that the right
person resolves the issue and recurring unplanned
maintenance is reduced.

Contract & Supplier Management

We give you better visibility into service coverage, history and
related costs, as well as the ability to manage third-party
suppliers from the same platform as your internal team.

  • FDA Validation & Compliance
  • IQ, OQ, PQ
  • Lab Incident Management
  • LIMS and ERP Integration
  • QMS Document Management
  • Dispatch Management
  • Purchase Request Management
  • Asset Utilization Management
  • Automated Maintenance Scheduling
  • Capital Project Management
  • Contract Management & Measurement
  • Intelligent Work Order Routing
  • Interactive Floor Mapper
  • Inventory Management
  • Materials Management
  • Supplier Management

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Simply acquiring, implementing and supporting equipment is no longer enough. Our platform provides real-time
operational and analytical data on demand.

Accurate Census & Density of

It is important for lab owners to establish
a controlled point of ingress for new and
replacement equipment. These controls
provide visibility into inventory,
maintenance and device utilization. New
capability is easily configured as
regulations evolve.

Actionable Maintenance &
Support Data

The data matters. Work order
management is a rich source of data
capture for operational excellence and
compliance. We determine when
equipment is safe and available and how
to use data and analytics to make sure it
stays that way.

Fully Auditable Compliance Records

We understand the importance of data at
your fingertips. The platform is a single
repository for demonstrating proper
maintenance and qualification of your
equipment. The proof is what matters
most in avoiding lengthy audits and
substantial unplanned cost and delays.

Critical Decision Support

We enable better, more informed
decisions on OEMs, service contracts and
suppliers. Our platform determines the
remaining useful life of devices, service
histories, supplier performance and new
lab equipment needs.

Modern, Cloud-Based Platform

We provide an innovative, cloud-based platform that is mobile-friendly, fast, reliable and secure. Our
customers benefit from a high-performance lab service management experience.

Click-to-Configure Architecture - We make custom
application development a thing of the past. Form changes, new
fields or updated workflow and reports can be completed in just a
few minutes.

Purpose-Built for Laboratory - Legacy applications require
conforming your processes to meet their limitations. We are a lab
platform, not an application. We understand what is important and
ensure the platform is configured accordingly.

Integration-Friendly - Our platform integrates easily with
LIMS, compound or parts databases, RTLS, ERP, call center and
analytics applications.

Security - Successful scientific collaboration is a global effort.
Our role-based access control determines who has access to what
in the system all the way down to the field level. Our security
capabilities are utilized today by thousands of enterprise customers globally.

Personalized User Experience

We provide a simple, personal service management experience for your laboratory staff,
resulting in better scientific outcomes, improved safety and compliance and lower costs.


Our dashboards provide at-a-glance insight into everyday
lab operations, work order queues, calibration and other
maintenance or compliance commitments for individuals
and teams.

360-Degree View

We enable informed decision support for both internal
and external constituents. Our platform, easily integrated
into other key systems, provides a 360-degree view of
your lab environment.

Self-Service Portal

With our portal, users process service requests, check
status, access knowledge and view data. The result is less
time wasted on service management and more time
spent on science.

Role-Based Access

You control who can see what in the platform.
Technicians, scientists, suppliers and service providers
have varying access all the way down to the field level.
These decisions are enabled or changed by an authorized
administrator in just a few minutes.

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