Manufacturing asset
management enhanced.

Plant assets need to be safe and available. Insight into at-risk
equipment is better and more cost effective than responding to a down
production line. Using a mature, cloud-based platform, we reduce
unplanned downtime, improve safety and lower costs.

Manufacturing asset
management enhanced.

Plant assets need to be safe and available. Insight into at-risk
equipment is better and more cost effective than responding to a down
production line. Using a mature, cloud-based platform, we reduce
unplanned downtime, improve safety and lower costs.

Enterprise Asset Management for Manufacturing

Our platform plans, tracks and manages assets while utilizing work order and supplier data to identify risk, indicate trends and predict plant and equipment failures.

Platform Features
  • Digital Procedure Checklists
  • Active Knowledge
  • Asset Life-Cycle Management
  • Inventory Tracking and Management
Reporting & Analytics
  • Availability & Utilization
  • Compliance & Safety
  • Work Order Management
  • Supplier Management
Cloud-Based Platform
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Flexibility
User Experience
  • Mobile
  • Dashboards
  • Role-Based Access
  • Self-Service Portal

Feature-Rich Capabilities

It is time for an upgrade of your decades-old EAM or CMMS. We are innovative, contemporary, mobile-ready and flexible, just like the manufacturers we support.

Digital Procedure Checklists

For safety and compliance management, engineers and technicians need to follow OEM-specified maintenance procedures. We provide these checklists in digital form within our application.

Asset Life Cycle Management

You build, sell, tag, ship, install and support your equipment. Manage the full life cycle of your install base on our platform, including a seamless transition to field service and customer care.

Active Knowledge

We believe that knowledge should be automatically included in the work order when you open it. It’s just better that way. Our Active Knowledge capability provides the right information every time.

Inventory Tracking & Management

We track parts and associated costs and enable visibility on how inventories are used. Technicians execute transfers, new purchases and drawdowns from inventory in real time with auto-replenish thresholds.

  • Capital Planning & Forecasting
  • Key & Security Management
  • Lease Management
  • Operational Risk & Event Management
  • Production Checklist Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Space Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Purchase Request Management
  • Automated Maintenance Scheduling
  • Hazard Management
  • Intelligent Work Order Routing
  • Interactive Floor Mapper
  • Inventory Management
  • Materials Management
  • Supplier Management

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Lean manufacturing is about continuous improvement, driving down cost and competing globally. Our reporting and analytics engine provides real-time visibility into better plant operations, improved availability and cost optimization.

Availability Management

Delivering exemplary service management is a core focus of our platform. We automate planned maintenance and offer flexibility, including calendar, floating or utilization-based scheduling.

Compliance & Safety

Proof is needed that plant and equipment are safe and compliant. Having data protects your brand and saves millions of dollars in potential liability costs. Proof means data. We provide reporting, dashboards and analytics for compliance and safety that’s simple.

Work Order Management Data

The manufacturing process never rests. We support timely, compliant maintenance and repair with little or no unplanned downtime. We also make it easy to capture data, feeding your continuous improvement process.

Supplier Management

Suppliers process work orders in their own systems. We provide them access to your platform using secure, role-based access control. One platform ensures that suppliers do what they committed to in their contract. It’s all about accountability.

Modern, Cloud-Based Platform

Managing plant assets requires scalability and flexibility. We are built on the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform, used by thousands of enterprise customers globally.

Availability - Is your legacy EAM or CMMS unavailable on mobile or running slow on the network? With Nuvolo, your data is in the cloud and available anytime and anywhere from any device.

Performance - As demands on facilities grow, legacy EAM tools won’t meet your performance requirements. Exceptional performance is a minimum standard at Nuvolo.

Security - We understand the importance of protecting data and authorized access to the platform. With Nuvolo, best-in-class security comes standard.

Flexibility - Your manufacturing solution is difficult and costly to change. We make custom development a thing of the past. Universal click-to-configure capability means that changes are simple.

Personalized User Experience

For the plant manager, a new platform means better work order management. Our goal is a simple, functional user experience for everyone.


You can access our platform from anywhere on any device. No coverage in the plant? No problem. Check out work orders and sync once back online. You can scan bar codes, upload an image and use speech to minimize manual entry.

Role-Based Access

You control who can see what in the platform. Engineers, technicians and suppliers have varying access all the way down to the field level. These decisions are enabled or changed by an authorized administrator in just a few minutes.


Our dashboards provide real-time insight into plant operations, including productivity, safety and compliance for individuals and teams.

Self-Service Portal

With our portal, your employees can process service requests in just a few clicks from any device, anywhere. The result is a safer plant environment, faster issue resolution and better outcomes.

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